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" ...this software is amazing, I never thought I would be able to add another 10 PCs without the troubles that comes with adminstrating them! , Thank you Cafeman for the this wonderful solution! "

Andrew Klazisky, London.

" ... what I can say, CafeMan is something that I always wanted and will always use... never thought it will be so easy to manage my users and sell pre-paid accounts... "

 Colin Franks, Florida.

" ...it is nice to feel FREE!! CafeMan made me gain at least 3 hours per day... this application is the best thing that happened to me since I opened my internet cafe! "

 Jean Paul Obekawi, South Africa .








































::  WELCOME To CafeMan, the best cyber cafe manager in the world  ::

CafeMan is the virtual cyber cafe manager who works for you automating the whole process of you cafe management, billing, keeping track of activities, etc. The server keeps track of client loggings as if you were maintaining it! You can convert your system to annoyance free pre-paid card system with this software without changing any of your hardware architecture.

The application also supports post-paid users as well, the way you are managing now. You tell the software to create pre-paid cards, you sell the cards. Users can buy pre-paid cards and sign up for an account in the system without even talking to you right from any of the client machines you have!

After creating an account, a user can log into his/her account anytime on any machine as long as they have enough credit in the account. On credit expire, the user is automatically logged out of the system, then they can even recharge their account with another prepaid card!

There are post paid-users as well who also have accounts created by you and the system keeps track of the usage time for the post paid users too in order for you to bill them later. Client machines remain completely locked until a user logs in. The whole process is controlled from the server.

So, your users now don't have to take any extra unnecessary formality to use your cafe! They come in and log into any free machine straight forward & they log out when done. Neither they have to talk to you nor you have to watch them any more!

We dont charge you per PC or per Year!! we think thats NOT correct! so, we only charge you once for the licence key! and you can use the software for UNLIMITED users and UNLIMITED PC terminals. All this for the low price of US$ 49.

:: download the full version Now!: test it for free :: (limited to 3 Pcs only!)

please read the online manual before installation!

Buy your UNLIMITED users licence now! $49 for UNLIMITED USERS & UNLIMITED PC terminals.

  Get it from CNET Download.com!



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